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5 Tips you Need to Know to Lose Belly Fat

Did you know that belly fat can kill you? Having a flat stomach is something many people desire.

Getting a fit body or just trying to look healthier can boost your confidence and change the way people see you. However, even if it looks great, there are much more reasons why should start losing belly fat.

The fat that is stored in your stomach is called “visceral fat”, and it is considered the most dangerous of all. Storing too much visceral fat can bring serious health issues in the future.

So, no matter why you chose to reduce the fat in your belly, today we’ll teach 5 ways to effectively lose belly fat.

What is Belly FAT?

Before explaining the most effective ways to lose belly fat, we will quickly describe what it is so you understand how it works.

Our bodies have three types of fat: triglycerides, which are in our blood; subcutaneous fat, which is below the skin; and visceral fat, which is in our bellies.

The difference between subcutaneous and visceral fat is that the latter is located really deep, besides your organs. It is located below your muscle layer.

Its role is to protect your organs and participates in the endocrine function of the body. This is why problems come when there’s too much visceral fat.

The production of certain hormones is affected and health problems may arrive. The risk of developing certain conditions increases, like insulin resistance or cardiovascular diseases.

Another problem with visceral fat is that it cannot be seen easily. You can pinch the subcutaneous fat under the skin of your arm, but visceral is so deep that it can only be measured with special scans.

This is why some people may be thin but still have a high level of visceral fat. However, according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, you should seriously consider losing weight if you are a man and your waist measures more than 40 inches (102cm), or if it measures more than 35 inches (88 cm) in the case of women.

The good part is that losing belly fat is slightly easier than getting rid of any other type of fat. This is because it’s the first place where our bodies start burning fat. So, don’t be discouraged and keep reading to discover how to lose belly fat!

How can I lose belly fat?

1. Change your Diet

You probably can imagine that a way to lose belly fat is to start eating healthier, but the idea is to change your routine and adopt a new lifestyle.

If you just try a bunch of diets and forget about the topic once you’ve lost weight, all of that fat will come back in a few months.

Reduce the number of foods that contain trans fats or too much sugar. Replace certain ingredients you use for healthier ones, like using olive oil instead of peanut oil. Drink more water and stop consuming sodas and sweetened beverages.

2. Move your body

You may feel tired just by reading this tip, but exercising is extremely important. And not only for losing belly fat, but for your overall health. The perfect option, in this case, is combining cardio and strength training. They will help you burn fat and gain muscle mass.

Don’t stop only because you don’t like exercising or because you are not into going to the gym. There are more ways to exercise without doing gym routines.

You can start doing a sport or join dance classes. Some options like swimming or Zumba provide complete training and are fun.

Again, you can start slowly and increase the intensity and duration with time. We don’t expect you to suddenly start going for two hours to the gym, five days per week. However, we encourage to start walking 30 minutes in the mornings or when you finish work. Or maybe following short routines you find on the internet at home. The key is to start moving however you want just move!.

3. Relax and Reduce Stress Levels

Relax reduce stress levels

This may sound a little bit weird, but stress is related to high levels of visceral fat. Studies show that high levels of stress translate to higher levels of cortisol, which increases your appetite and the storage of visceral fat.

Try to reduce the sources of stress in your life or do activities that relax you or help you clear the mind. Yoga is an option, but there are other things that may help you, like crafting or joining a book club. Even spending more time with the ones you love can help!

4. Get Enough Sleep

Mixing working or studying (or both!) with the rest of our lives can make us forget that sleeping at least 8 hours a day is what our bodies need. We know it can be tough, but sleeping less than that can be one of the reasons why you gain weight.


Remember that losing belly fat will take more than a few weeks. Try different methods, make a schedule and keep track of what you do. Write what you eat, the hours of exercise and how much you sleep you get. This way you’ll control the result.

Don’t forget that it’s not only about looking better but about being healthier and adopting a better lifestyle.

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