Natural and Effective Remedies for Hormonal Imbalance

You often hear women saying that they are tired of having hormonal imbalance. Hormonal Imbalance can cause anxiety, depression, sudden changes in mood and hot flashes among women.

Hormonal imbalance also accounts for acne in many women.

So, what exactly are hormones?

Hormones are produced in various glands in our body like the pancreas, reproductive organs, thyroid, adrenal glands, to name a few. What hormones do is that they act as messengers to the different organs in the body that control your metabolism.

What Are the Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance?

There are common symptoms that you have to watch out for. These include:

  • Always feeling bloated
  • You have acne around the mouth, chin and jaw.
  • You still feel tired despite having complete hours of sleep.
  • Feeling anxious and depressed
  • Having sugar cravings
  • Abdominal pain and cramps
  • Constipation

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, chances are you have hormonal imbalance.

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Best tips to help you balance hormones naturally:

Avoid Refined Sugar

Almost every food contains refined sugar. As much as possible, you should avoid having refined or white sugar as they are not good for your hormones.

See how you can substitute sugar and not miss it at all.

It does not have nutrients it also robs the body of nutrients in order to keep hormonal balance like for instance probiotics which is a good bacteria. 

What happens is when you keep on eating  foods that contain refined sugar will cause changes in your blood sugar level which can mess up with your hormones. 

The best way is to avoid eating foods that make use of refined sugar. Instead, you may opt to use natural sweeteners.

You might as well prepare your own meals at home so you know what specific ingredients are used.

Increase Fiber Intake

Having no fiber or low fiber in your daily diet plan can result to hormonal imbalances. Fiber is very essential as they are needed to have a healthy gut which is responsible in getting rid of toxins in the digestive tract. 

By having a healthy gut, the different hormones in the body get to have the right communication especially in terms of appetite and balancing the body’s energy. 

Go here to learn how you can start healing your gut immediately.

Where do you get fiber rich foods? Definitely, not in processed foods. Eat fruits and vegetables that are known to have high fiber content which include the following:

  • Fruits: Eating fruits like vegetables, apples, strawberries,avocado,raspberry, and pears among many others are rich in fiber.
  • Vegetables: Aside from fruits, include in your diet fiber packed vegetables like beans, sprouts, broccoli, etc.
  • Other foods that are rich in fiber include yogurt,quinoa,almonds, and cbia seeds.

Have enough sleep.

Lack of sleep is one of the main factors that can attribute to hormonal imbalance. This explains why when you do not have enough sleep you feel grumpy and you are more likely to have breakouts.

Continuously depriving yourself with enough hours of sleep can mess up with your hormones. 

No matter how busy you are, allow yourself to have ample time to rest and sleep. This is a very crucial recovery period that your body needs in order to get through the next day.

When you have enough sleep, you feel more energized to last the whole day.

Learn techniques to manage your stress level

Everyone experiences stress. This is something that cannot be avoided. But people respond differently to stress and how they react to it.

Stress can cause imbalance in your hormones as it also disrupts the functions of the body. When you can manage your stress effectively, you can balance your hormones naturally.

How to do it?

  • Manage your time wisely. There are instances when you just have a lot of things to do. By having good time management skills, you can avoid experiencing stress.
  • Try to look at the bright side of things. The more that you worry and focus on the negative, the more stress exacerbates.
  • Have a balanced life. Get out loved ones. Spend time doing your favorite hobby.
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Incorporate an exercise routine

Another effective way to handle stress and ultimately, to balance hormones is to have regular exercises. Whether you like jogging or dancing, it is all up to you.

For as long as you are sweating and enjoying the activity, you get to flush out the toxins from your body.

Whenever you exercise, the body release endorphins which are considered to be happy hormones that are good for the body.

Hormonal imbalance might appear to be a minor concern for others. But if you are going to look at the bigger picture, it affects you in so many ways that you can imagine.

From your mood to the quality of your skin, you can start adopting these ways to balance your hormones naturally for clearer skin and a healthier and more energetic you!

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